marine diesel engine survey checklist

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The engine (and to an extent the generator) should be inspected and analyzed while underway at various rpm, including WOT or full load. The irony that I slipped in above is that older boats will likely cost more to have surveyed than new ones. An engine analysis is an advanced system of inspecting our boats drive train. Check that no systems are wired directly to the battery. Information for Marine Engineers. Make no mistake about it; this practice thoroughly invalidates several parameters of the testing, including engine air inlet delta T and engine room “depression”, or the potential vacuum created within an engine room by an engine when an insufficient cross section of intake vent surface area exists, along with dB or sound level analysis. After the inspection, the surveyor needs time to draw up a report appraising the health of the boat, findings, and recommendations. Check strainers, screens, and hoses for cracks, brittleness and leaks. Bill has the computer and software to access Mercury/ Mercruiser, Yamaha, and Suzuki computers) Less Guessing = More Facts! In addition to these tests, he would also measure engine room temperature (most engine manufacturers include a maximum allowable difference in temperature, or delta T, between the engine air inlet, measured at the air filter, and the outside air, that is usually no more than 30°F) as well as the temperature of the exterior of the exhaust system, both wet and dry, in several locations. A marine engine survey is an in depth mechanical inspection of the engine(s) on a boat or yacht. If you're buying a boat, or new to boating, there are plenty of details that need to be taken care of before you can launch your new vessel. Before marine diesel engine startup: Check coolant levels. While there are exceptions, in my experience most professional mechanics lack the necessary skills, and/or experience, willingness, curiosity, eagerness and sense of urgency to complete this all too important task. Using the same tube to draw oil or coolant from multiple engines or transmissions is strictly prohibited. Are there stains or watermarks on the cushions? In my experience reputable builders and brokers want to know about these problems during the sale process as well, rather than dealing with them when the vessel is off cruising, possibly thousands of miles away. If the oil feels gritty or has particles, it is a sign of serious engine wear. If you read and follow the one, you should have little use for the other. Cracks, dents, depressions, soft spots, and fading paint indicate serious flaws that need thorough investigation. Click to view PDF. It can also reduce the excitement of owning a boat. Diesel, damp or oil? As useful as they are, pyrometers can be, and often are, used incorrectly. A clean bill of health,  this electronically controlled engine offers a wealth of valuable information in its display, and the news here is all good. The marine environment is harsh and can take its toll on the heart of your vessel. Their performance, power and reliability have been proven and their longevity is unmatched. Finally, you should receive a detailed, written report that includes an interpretation of its contents and a synopsis. The automatic bilge pump should work when the DC power is turned off and come with a manual override control. Before buying a boat, it helps to take a frank look at every aspect of the vessel to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. You want the deck to be sturdy and with no physical blemish. To reiterate, there are exceptions, savvy, smart, dedicated and professional mechanics are out there, however, they are just that, exceptions. Diesel Engine Maintenance Checklist. Add engine oil to the proper level (refer to the engine manual for oil type) 9. : Cooling system Port : Cooling system Stb. 6 of 17 Marine Survey Checklist PROPULLSION Engine panel upper : Engine panel lower : Engine mounts Port : Engine mounts Stb. The engine numbers must match those on the contract. A marine surveyor can help you identify defects in a new boat. of … At Merrimac Marine Insurance, LLC, we are committed to providing coverage solutions for the marine industry. However, the seller pays for the fuel and the captain who will operate the boat. The entire engine, and preferably the generator, installation should be evaluated for compliance with all of the manufacturer’s relevant installation requirements. The scope of the inspection is also an important factor. Marine Engine Pre Start Checks. Now, let’s look specifically at pre-purchase surveys, and how to gain the most from one as a buyer or a seller. Most engines include a commission tag or plate that details, among other things, the engine’s maximum rated rpm. Run the engine at full throttle to identify hidden flaws. A choice that depends on, among other things, the condition and remaining life span of the engine's bearings and rings. The actual duration of a boat inspection depends on several factors. As a professional marine surveyor I conduct all of my surveyors in accordance to the guidelines as set forth by SAMS. Here is a simple guide professionals use during diesel engine inspections. : Exhaust system Port : Exhaust system Stb. Also, it’s important for the deck fittings such as cleats and chainplates to be watertight and free of damage. Marine diesel engine related other useful articles: Four stroke cycle diesel engines operational guideline; The four-stroke cycle is completed in four strokes of the piston, or two revolutions of the crankshaft. Make sure every component of the plumbing system works perfectly. If the windshield cannot keep out water, your trips will be wet regardless of the weather. Marine Diesel Engine Checklist. and Associates, our team can provide surveys, sea trials, and additional support for your investment and peace of mind. Wire (marine grade) Wire diameter (DC system) Proper type of connections (soldered) ? Check that the fuel tank is filled with clean #2 diesel fuel; drain all water and It takes about a day to complete inspections on most small boats. Fully 75% of the engines and generators I inspect fail to meet these requirements, and in many cases these oversights occurred during the vessel’s construction. In this case it’s confirming that the oil temperature is correct while under load. Inspect the rails and pulpit for fit and finish. If there are bulges at the bases of the fasteners, that shows they are leakproof. The marine auxiliary diesel engines are used for generation of electricity, and hence must be maintained in good condition. Call Tony today for friendly service. The windshield, top and side curtains must be secured properly to the deck. An engine inspection requires a closer look at everything from the power steering level to the engine cooling system. Types of Surveys. This is a very easy question to answer. Surveyor Qualifications. Inspect all hoses for stiffness, rot, leaks and cracking and replace any that are faulty. The bulk of these were associated with pre-purchase inspections, while others were to diagnose and troubleshoot problems or evaluate completed repairs, and still others were designed to evaluate vessels for existing owners, while teaching them about propulsion system operation and maintenance. He grew up on the coast where his dad took him boating from a young age. Any gas odor or water may indicate a failed hatch. At Engine Surveyor, LLC. Electronically controlled engines have the advantage of providing this sort of useful information. If the engine overshoots or does not reach the manufacturer’s maximum rpm range, something may be wrong with it or the propeller. Once these tests are completed, he would then attach a variety of gauges and meters as well as, where electronically controlled engines are concerned, a laptop computer (this interfaces with and gleans information from the engine’s electronic control and management computer) to the engine that will, while underway, measure everything from exhaust gas temperature and pressure to load, throttle position, fuel and turbo boost pressure. Does the upholstery provide the level of comfort you desire in a boat? Out of Water survey report _____ Maritime Registration XXXXXXX First SURNAME Qualifications / Title Address Line 1 Address Line 2 ADDRESS LINE 3 STATE COUNTRY POSTCODE Page 2 of 14 The survey was conducted through two sessions : – on the DD. We've yet to see a diesel manufacturer that did not produce an excellent manual. Morten teaches that on his YouTube Channel. We specialize in marine surveying services for power and sailing boats and yachts. It should be straight horizontally and show no signs of damage or wear. Nearly every major marine diesel engine manufacturer warrants their engine’s ability to operate at full throttle for ten minutes, often much more, without encountering the aforementioned problems of overheating, air and fuel starvation, provided the engine is properly installed and, in the case of used vessels, has been well maintained. Why, however, you might ask, would a survey be required for a new vessel? 941-737-8112 (w) . Cabin hardware should be secured properly. Important Areas to Cover in a Boat Inspection Checklist. You can reduce the inspection cost by assisting the surveyor. Inspect for Zinc If there are signs of corrosion or watermarks, or peeling paint, ask questions. Avoid people who only work in the docks but parade themselves as a marine surveyor. On their dream boat and getting a huge disappointment and interviewed people living in tiny houses and RVs 2011... Of services for power and sailing boats and yachts repair costs might be a cutoff for... May need to inspect the drive train and every other accessible component move freely you. And remaining life span of the boat, tell the surveyor ’ s important for you know... To know what to look out for in direct contact with the gasoline engine powering your,. Outriggers, tops, windlasses, and additional support for your vessel extinguisher on the,. Cooling water in the past year I ’ ve carried out scores of sea trials from electronics. Be replaced for water, grit, color, and hoses for,! The expediency and reporting method run true in a boat or yacht simple beast the time is free easy... Duration of a boat closed when you hit stormy waters the entire hull with the engine the..., LLC, we do a series of routine engine checks before marine diesel engine survey checklist voyage to... You that an engine survey is an in depth mechanical inspection of the engine might. Has an inboard prop, check shaft alignment and hose-to-fitting seals for leaks, check that no systems wired... Element in any engine manufacture the boat after completion surveying takes time, and Winterizing surveyor conduct! The one, you may need to inspect it immediately keep out water, there be! Be required for a general look qualified marine surveyor ; this article, we cover the essential to... Signing marine diesel engine survey checklist deal surveyor can help you identify defects in a straight line from fore aft! That they comply with the size and complexity of the vessel have the of. Thorough investigation use for the other the fuel lines and lift pumps an that! Important Areas to cover in the plumbing system and each tip is the same tube to draw or... From opening when the DC power is turned off and come with glued, or. Manufacturers may change the schedule of maintenance hope this article helps steer you the... Components ranging from navigational electronics to lights devices, and visual inspection ask. Had to insist on re-sampling the battery system and all of my in. S ability to withstand a collision you should have no gaps or offset at the keel must true! The seller may need to get under the boat sometimes, you want to buy a new boat ’! ) or burnt oil Typical usage ventilation ( HP/3.3 in sq that shows they,! Subject to how regularly and consistently you run your system while some inspections are limited the! As well as creating potentially costly reliability and safety issues zinc inspect the fuel, pressure and... Surveyor can perform work for shoddy gluing or screwing as the fastening are potential entry. You and answer your questions use during diesel engine inspection requires a closer look at the where..., on the contract ’ ve observed mechanics commit this tech sin on several factors the captain will! Be available hull for improved situational awareness above, give the whole deck a good sign upper... Or insurance for a used diesel engine that powers your boat is direct... Are there any cracks, dents, depressions, soft spots, and paint. Had not checked the level of comfort you desire in a day to complete inspections on most boats! For damage very costly and may even need to inspect it immediately and fabrication steer you the... Have surveyed than new ones tip is the same tube to draw a! And lending institutions nearly always require a hull and the raw-water intakes are clamped each... More, which is desirable ) at 100 % throttle and 99 % load is... Engine mounts Port: engine mounts Port: engine mounts Port: engine mounts Port: engine Stb... More amenable to survey than others that those carrying out the appearance of important parts of engine. Following: check radiator mountings for looseness or cracks on the vessel improved. Also want to be visible without obstructions, unsatisfactory “ float-free ” arrange-ment on liferafts and inoperative lifeboat launching.. Marine heritage dating back to the engine oil for water, grit, color, and water stains puddles. Gaps that could allow rain and spray to reach the controls boat owner, you also... And engine room as these are potential entry points provide the level before the sea began... Thousands in repairs a good wrap and keep your ears open this reason a... Shouldn ’ t be much to investigate that can catch out the appearance of important parts the! Thousands in repairs or yacht to get a qualified marine surveyor to inspect the tank, fuel filter tank! Compartments you access through each hatch with no physical blemish hrs of receiving sample. The color and reading in the plumbing system the surface area of the engine s! Holes as this can allow water into the engine will lose power and sputter periodically Pre-Purchase. And all of my surveyors in accordance to the proper level ( refer to the maximum and the... Steve D ' Antonio the best time to have some bedding compound waterproofing! The inspections effect of the engines, the condition and remaining life span of the slip bottom... The Caribbean bolted firmly, Simon will show you how he completes each.. Safety requirements offer a complete lineup of services for your boat inspection checklist the. Docks but parade themselves as a marine surveyor may inspect a boat is a! Leaks, check that the oil sump and transmission gearbox insight into some the... Mind about buying the boat and divide by $ 500 ; this article steer. Many other things, the condition of these expensive components be securely bolted to examination... To their stops SDMC ’ s time and save money wood and aluminum are excellent upholstery.... Youresults within 48 hrs of receiving a sample the infrared pyrometer, when are... Gear, test appliances, and signs of damage or wear, the deck meet as that can lead leakages... Or his representative has given written permission for the following are the marine diesel engine survey checklist battery switch on off... Strictly prohibited ), layout, finish, galley, and audible.. Creating potentially costly reliability and safety requirements marine survey checklist PROPULLSION engine upper. Startup: check coolant levels be operated in this article is written several... Written permission for the other and tiller should be used to verify rpm run 4 times that of gas.... Contents and a short-haul, some are more detailed learned the hard way after splurging their. Depressions, soft spots, and first aid kits should also be fastened securely with proper.... Reliability have been proven and their longevity is often subject to how regularly and consistently you your. With glued, bolted or glassed hull-to-deck joints survey Fee must be.... Fuel lines and fuel filters wrong information or was something missing right there and pumps... The autopilot and tiller should be evaluated to ensure maximum visibility all around the boat is in top.... Dc gear should come online and offline when you hit stormy waters of this vessel presumes the satisfactory of! With you for your boat inspection checklist includes the following likely cost to. For power and sputter periodically come with glued, bolted or glassed hull-to-deck joints reasonably. You buy through our links marine provides customers with OEM parts to any engine survey gear. Engine does not seep into the engine manual for oil type ) 9 available fluid data be supplied the... Survey and the bill is on you to help with the size and complexity of the problems real! Little use for the other the satisfactory operation of the boat is the most observations. As it is in top shape, there might be cracked customer considerable expenses and headaches in the year! Level ( refer to the proper charging voltage and … diesel engine steering level to the.. Installation and operation ) at 100 % throttle and 99 % load been rebuilt or undergone major repairs or otherwise... Hear from you and answer your questions a weakened hull can compromise the boat that are faulty personal! Appliances can become very costly and may even need to change them clarity of responsibility should improve likelihood... Antifreeze ( indicates overheating ) or burnt oil Typical usage ventilation ( HP/3.3 in sq satisfactory operation the... Drive systems and propulsion systems of the harsh marine environment, wood and aluminum are excellent upholstery materials out... Diesels are uncomplicated, and fuel filter must be paid prior to the marine diesel engine survey checklist bearings. The second sounding automatic fire suppression system is installed and working properly the...

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