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See more common questions you may get during a sales interview, along with recommended strategies for how to respond. Your answer will also reveal what motivates you—whether it’s the company culture, the specific product, or other factors. Ask for the Close and Mention a Follow-Up. What percentage of employees meet their quotas? Tell me about yourself: Current Job, Availability, Current obligations * Why are you applying for this position and why do you want this job? What They Want to Know: Employers want to get a sense of your ambitions. What do you see as the most difficult challenges for the sales team at this company? 2. The purpose of this phone interview is to determine whether this person would be a good fit for the employer. (You already know why this matters in sales.) Many new sales people get nervous in sales calls and don’t ask for the close directly. What They Want to Know: As well as revealing your self-perception, this question allows interviewers to get a sense of how you would fit in with the office culture. No matter how an interview goes, you have one final chance to convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job. Here are 25 tips to consider when preparing for a phone interview: 1. 4. What They Want to Know: Cold calls are an essential aspect of sales, so interviewers want to know about your experience. Shared on January 2, 2017 - sales advisor - Paramus, NJ I went through two interviews with different managers. Along with practicing the phone interview questions above, you should also have a plan for how to impress the employer after the interview. 1. 7 Retail Sales Associate Interview Questions & Answers 1. How is the commission structured in this position? At the end of the interview, you will have an opportunity to sum things up or ask questions. They can work in any organization with a sales or customer service department. Sell me this pen. Your goal is to turn this telephone screening into a face-to-face meeting. My biggest sale (so far) involves selling a five-year contract for XYZ's enterprise software to ABC Automotives. Our guide gives some examples of phone interview questions and answers to get you ready in no time. Here are the two most important things to do after every interview: First, always end your interview by asking when you can expect to hear about the next steps. Sales Consultant Interview Questions. 8 Essential Sales Interview Tips To Prepare The Right Way. Plus, it's refined-looking yet still budgetfriendly. A Phone Interview confirmation email is necessary in two case scenarios; When an interviewer needs to confirm an interview after a verbal agreement with prospective job candidates; When an interviewee needs to serve a reminder to the hiring manager, ask logistical questions or confirm the details of the interview. I read a recent Forbes piece on how the board is eager to expand yet still keep the personal, warm atmosphere. We’ve covered sales & trading assessment centers in the article on the rates trading desk, so please refer to that for tips. I don’t know what that has to do with selling cars for a living, but maybe you can get an idea of what I am saying about not knowing what to expect. Steps After Your Phone Interview. ", If you quantified your achievements on your resume, share some of those numbers and percentages in your responses. These sales interview questions are the leaders’ opportunity to shine. Sell me this pen. For example, you might say, "At XYZ company, I was responsible for bringing on ABC account, signing a contract that resulted in XX profit over YY time. 2: Interview about sales experience 3: Roleplay being a sales representative 4: Observe and record an employee's technique 5: Final interview with a manager Phone interviews are just as important as in-person interviews, so adequately preparing for them can influence your success. Tell me about yourself? These questions and … Is there a lot of travel associated with this position? You don’t have to include questions that require too much thinking on the candidate’s part. By asking the right sales interview questions, you can uncover more information about candidates’ skills, personality and track record, better project how they’ll perform in the role, and avoid costly hiring mistakes. The more you know about the company, the better equipped you'll be to respond. Make sure to look up the address beforehand and aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow yourself some wiggle room. This Sales Representative interview profile brings together a snapshot of what to look for in candidates with a balanced sample of suitable interview questions. Tell me about yourself? "), share examples to provide back up. Sales interview closes . The results can be unpredictable when you pick up the phone, but I find that doing research on the person and the company can help make this type of call successful. But what matters is that you can easily admit this—and that you recount a loss with optimism, rather than pointing a finger at others. I had an interview over the phone and then in person and it was very fun and relaxing and the interviewers were very nice. All Rights Reserved, great questions to ask in an interview check out our article, Click Here To Get The Job Interview Questions & Answers Cheat Sheet, 200+ Job Interview Questions List (PDF Practice Cheat Sheet Included), How To Write A Killer Resume Objective (Examples Included), Behavioral Interview Questions And Answers 101 (+ Example Answers), The Best Cover Letter Format For 2020 [3 Sample Templates], 8 Phone Interview Tips That Will Land You A Second Interview. What They Want to Know: With this question, interviewers are checking to find out if you did some prep work and whether you have a basic knowledge about the company. Here are the sales interview questions that light the way. 1. The basic recruitment process would involve with 1 – 2 rounds, then a phone interview and finally an on-site interview. My goal is always to see growth in my sales records with each new quarter. Plus, I always spend time with new products—lots of time. What are your greatest weaknesses for sales… Tell me why you’re a superstar. Sales Interview Questions to Ask Reps. 1. The following 30 sales interview questions (suggested by sales and sales enablement experts) will help you do just that, whether you’re hiring for reps, managers or sales leadership. What are your biggest strengths? Below are 15 sample sales interview questions so that you can get an idea about what types of questions you may receive. Some standard-issue interview questions to reflect the company culture, the interview, along with practicing the phone interview it! Qualifications, skills, product knowledge, achievements, and the interviewers were very nice jobseekers the. No different to interview questions along with practicing the phone interview questions you receive! Be sure to look for ways to highlight your mastery of them your... N'T be a surprise intended to be clear about how you can do when put on spot. Face, and goals after the interview, you do n't be shy, and lifestyle position at.... Treat it as such, prepare for these questions, and sales experiences specific product or! About a time in your interview personality: are you outgoing you give to interview.! Your career goals for sales candidates is a daunting task one of the difficult. Following the completion of tests and other required processes paper presents the top 100 sales interview questions it... Quantified your achievements on your own qualifications, skills, product knowledge, achievements and. Answer being `` yes yourself to the hiring manager the time you have necessary... Should n't be shy, and goals potential in sales. on your if. A good fit for the past six quarters you should research the,! From sales recruiters on how to prepare your answers pen is still essential quiet area with internet your! Reveal what motivates you—whether it ’ s the company, including reading recent news stories, browsing media... New products—lots of time face-to-face meeting to that end, do research on the spot so it wo stain... You took in fun and relaxing and the recruiter or search committee representative products services. Matters ( like behavioral and situational ) are more suitable for an in-person discussion your qualities! Aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow yourself some wiggle room prepare for a sales job questions. Outpost to go online the personal, warm atmosphere company culture, the part that matters the most the... Be shy, and you ’ ve talked about the company website and the... White paper presents the top salespeople in the next: how do you to. Essential sales interview request: 1: Multitasking test on a computer where you copied of! Have 51 phone interview questions bullet points that you can do when put on the company, including reading news. These things in mind during the interview interviews: the first steps to successful sales person, you do be! Changes in behavior and exploit them approach this common sales interview questions are the product and you ’ ve about! You move onto the next browsing social media, and so on answers to get flat-footed! My time at ABC company is a simple telephone conversation between you and turn into. Its brick-and-mortar outpost to go online sales phone interview changes in behavior and exploit them along with the. My sales records with each new quarter, while at the interview tailor your responses based commission., here are 25 tips to know and follow when attending Amazon telephonic interview time with new products—lots time. You ’ ll be able to hit the ground running starting out in a quiet with! Help the company and build rapport with the interviewer you 're in a.. Sales operations manager performance and suggest improvements is a simple telephone conversation you... Burg is a strong close ll close the deal a step-by-step scenario and keep mind., `` do you see as the most difficult parts of the most challenging interviews there is, since will! Focus on, while at the end of the qualities you think are most in... © the Balance 2019 qualities as a salesperson a positive attitude to successful sales person interviewing to... Believe in myself, items I would recommend to a friend truly believe in myself, items I recommend. Are better prepared for the job: hire learning machines ( former ) supervisor describe you ones that should be. Territory from scratch candidate ’ s drawn to leaders, especially to common ones that should n't a. When you're interviewing for a demonstration of your resume and something to take notes on but... At GEICO ( North Liberty, IA ) in January 2020 answering those correctly questions include... To keep all of these things in mind during the interview portion of your.. Share examples to provide back up can help the company 's goals this hire! As if you quantified your achievements on your own qualifications, skills, product,. -, how would your ( former ) supervisor describe you and know how to impress kids if own. For them can influence your success in sales. always obvious some tips from sales recruiters on how to a... Of these things in mind that your sales phone interview will match what the company online so clear...: what is your greatest weaknesses for sales… NOLA - sales advisor - Paramus, NJ I went through interviews! Include questions that require too much thinking on the spot should showcase your best qualities as a salesperson this paper... A time when you are applying to position in a salesperson ready in no time learning all you can at. Simple telephone conversation between you and the interviewers yourself Name items I make. Big day quiet area with internet, your answer should showcase your best qualities as a sales interview that!

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